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The Vice President will do the following:
Per Article III of the WSASEA By-Laws, the duties of the Vice President are:

"The Vice President shall assist the President and Executive Board as directed; perform all duties of the President in the absence or at the request of the President; serve as Chairperson of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee; coordinate the annual conference."

The main duty of the Vice President is to coordinate the Spring Conference planning meeting, ensuring Spring Conference details are addressed, and then act as site coordinator at the Conference. The position of Vice President is elected in odd years at the Spring Conference for a two-year term.

Assume the office of Vice President on July 1.

Participate in meeting of incoming & outgoing Executive Board members.
Begin looking for potential Spring Conference locations by contacting various hotels or other sites to determine conference date & costs associated with holding the conference at their site (if not already established).

Send message on WSASEA and/or Student Employment Listserv requesting ideas for speakers, topics, date and location of Spring Conference, if not already established. Gather information and prepare Newsletter. Transmit Newsletter to Webmaster for posting.

Participate in Town Meeting and query members on ideas for Spring Conference topics.
Call for volunteers to participate on the conference planning committee.

Arrange for and facilitate conference planning meeting.
Ensure all conference details are identified and tasks are assigned, such as contacting potential speakers & verify availability, dates and costs.

Communicate with Board members regarding speakers. Oversee fulfillment of speaker needs to and gathering of necessary information such as any audio/visual/other equipment they will need for session, and to obtain biographical information for introductions at session & conference program and transmit information to Webmaster.

Coordinate with Member-At-Large and Webmaster to ensure conference registration material, with the tentative agenda, is mailed (or emailed) and posted on the website no later than the end of the month. Information should be mailed to everyone in the WSASEA Directory (past and present members), and to the Washington Student Achievement Council's mailing list of financial aid directors and student employment administrators for colleges in the State of Washington.

Oversee and communicate with other board members to ensure conference details such as number of guests, meals, speakers, participants, decorations, etc. are addressed.

Participate in Spring Conference and act as site coordinator.

End of year as Vice President.

Attend the meeting of incoming and outgoing Executive Board members.


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