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Use the WSASEA Listserve!

Did you know that student employment administrators in Washington State have their very own listserve? It's true! The WSASEA Listserv offers student employment administrators the opportunity to communicate in an open and efficient dialog with others in our professional organization.

Many of you are probably subscribers to the NSEA listserve, but maybe you have a question on State Work Study, WA state L & I, or about an employer in our area. Maybe you have a job announcement for a position in your office. You don't want to ask EVERYONE in the country about it, so you try to go it alone, or perhaps contact someone you know.

Well, you can ask your WSASEA colleagues that question on our own listserve, and get fast, relevant answers! A listserve is only valuable, however, if people actually use it, so start using our own listserve! If you are a WSASEA member, you are automatically enrolled in the listserve, and you can opt out if you want to (but who would want to do that?).



You must be a subscriber to send a message. If you are not currently, please see instructions below on how to sign up. Once you receive your confirmation email from the ListProcessor, you are ready to start using the list!  Here is all you need to do:

Compose your message, and type in the “To:” field or use this link.  Hit Send!  What could be easier? 


To subscribe to the WSASEA Listserv, send an e-mail message to the ListProcessor as shown below (tip: copy and paste the To address and the subscribe message to avoid typos):

Subject        (no subject needed, leave blank)

In the body of the message, include this one line with your name as formatted below:

 subscribe wsasea firstname lastname  (example: “subscribe wsasea Pat Smith”)

The ListProcessor will receive your request and send a return message informing you that your subscription request is submitted for approval.  You will then receive a subscription confirmation via e-mail usually within a few hours depending on the WSASEA Listserv Administrator availability.  You will also receive two follow-up e-mail messages providing you with instructions on using the WSASEA Listserv features and listserv participation expectations.

If you have any questions about the subscription process, please call Barbara Luton at (360) 650-3972, or email her at

A big WSASEA THANK YOU to Barbara and Western Washington University for making this wonderful service available to us! 



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