WSASEA   Washington State Association of Student Employment Administrators
Collectively addressing post-secondary student employment issues since 1979
WSASEA Constitution
(amended on June 30, 1993 and June, 2001, May 2004, by membership vote)

Article I - Name

The name of this association shall be the Washington State Association of Student Employment Administrators, referred to as WSASEA.

Article II - Purpose

We, the Administrators involved in Post Secondary Education programs concerned with student employment, establish the Washington State Association of Student Employment Administrators for the following purposes:

Article III - Membership and Dues

Article IV - Government

Article V - Meetings

1. There shall be one annual meeting for the entire membership. Meeting location, time and agenda will be the responsibility of the Executive Board. Membership shall be notified 6 - 8 weeks in advance.

2. The President, with the consent of the Executive Board, shall call such other meetings as deemed necessary.

Article VI - Committees

There shall be such Standing Committees as designated by the By-Laws. Additional committees may be established by the President or Executive Board as deemed necessary.

Article VII - Ratification and Amendments

This constitution shall be considered ratified upon approval by two-thirds of those voting. The Constitution may be amended by two-thirds majority of those voting, provided that each amendment shall have been proposed in writing to the Secretary by the Executive Board, or by a committee authorized by the Association, or by petition of any three voting members of the Association, and provided, further, that a copy of the proposed amendment shall have been furnished to each voting member of the Association at least fifteen days before the vote is held.

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