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The Treasurer will do the following:
Per Article III of the WSASEA By-Laws, the duties of the Treasurer are: "The Treasurer shall represent the Association in, & be responsible for, the receipt & expenditure of funds in accordance with the directive established in the By-Laws & by the Executive Board; maintain appropriate and adequate financial records; present a financial report at each Executive Board meeting; bill members for annual dues as required; maintain and provide the incoming Treasurer with a complete accounting of the Association funds; the incoming Treasurer will audit the previous year's financial records/ a statement will then be signed by both outgoing & incoming Treasurer certifying to the accuracy of the records; if the incoming Treasurer is serving an additional term, another incoming Executive Board Member will audit the records and sign the certification statement; maintain and provide the Association with a complete membership list; be under such bond as determined by the Executive Board; and, submit an annual financial report to the Association."

The position of Treasurer is elected in odd years at the Spring Conference for a two-year term.

Assume the office of Treasurer.
Arrange for signature cards of incoming Treasurer and incoming President to be approved on checking/savings account withdrawals (arranged with bank WSASEA has accounts with).

Participate in the meeting of incoming and outgoing Executive Board members.
Present Treasurer's report and submit to the Webmaster.

Work with Secretary and President to coordinate membership drive (usually part of Town Meeting notice).
Treasurer will make note if payment is institutional or personal (for purposes of transferring membership if person leaves position.). Treasurer will keep up-to-date membership list and address list, and ensure latest database posted on website. Keep Executive Board updated on regular basis of status of membership drive (number and identity of members).

Attend Town Meeting and collect membership fees, admittance fee for non-members. Present Treasurer's report and submit it to the Webmaster. Gather data and prepare IRS Form 990-N to report fiscal year data to the federal Internal Revenue Service this month, but no later than the November deadline.

Ensure that IRS Form 990-N is filed no later than Nov. 15th at the very latest. Inform Board that it is done.

Participate in Spring Conference planning meeting and duties.

February through April
Receive conference registrations. Prepare attendee's list for conference check in. Write checks for SEOTY prizes and mail if necessary.

Serve as Spring Conference registrar, coordinate room assignments and meal count, and present Treasurer's report at Business Meeting.
Purchase savings bond for Student Employee of the Year and send it to him/her.

End of year as Treasurer.
Prepare fiscal year report and submit to the Webmaster.

Participate in the meeting of incoming and outgoing Executive Board members.
Present fiscal year report.


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