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The Secretary will do the following:
Per Article III of the WSASEA By-Laws, the duties of the Secretary are:
"The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping & maintaining the records of the Association and the Executive Board; distribution of the minutes to the Association members; transmitting of meeting notices & such other communications as provided for in the Constitution and By-Laws; & for the performance of such other duties as are appropriate to the office or are prescribed by the Executive Board."

The major duties of the Secretary include taking minutes of each board & general membership meeting and report minutes from previous meetings, and to assist Treasurer in preparing materials for membership solicitation. The position of Secretary is elected in even years at the Spring Conference for a two-year term.

Assume the office of Secretary on July 1.

Participate in meeting of incoming and outgoing Executive Board members.
Prepare minutes from Board meeting, distribute minutes to the Board members and submit to the Webmaster for posting.

Participate in Town Meeting & take minutes, prepare minutes and transmit to the Webmaster.

Participate in Spring Conference Planning meeting and duties, and take minutes. Submit to the Webmaster.

Attend Spring Conference & present minutes from previous general meeting.
Take minutes at annual Business Meeting, and submit to the Webmaster.

Assist Treasurer as needed with materials to be sent out with membership drive. End of year as Secretary.

Participate in meeting of incoming/outgoing board members.

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