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The Past-President will do the following:

Per Article III of the WSASEA By-Laws, the duties of the Past-President are:

Each President will serve one year as Past-President of the Association. The purpose of this position is to provide prompts and guide and assist the current President. In addition, if the position is unfilled, the Past-President serves as the State Liaison for WASEA, to ensure that WASEA has the most up to date information regarding WSASEA and that WSASEA has the most up to date information about WASEA.

Assume the office of Past-President on July 1.

Attend the meeting of incoming and outgoing Executive Board members.

Participate in Town Meeting.

Implement Student Employee of the Year selection process.
Provide date and information on WASEA SEOTY deadline to Webmaster for posting. Participate in Spring Conference planning meeting and duties.

Attend Spring Conference. Provide officer nomination forms to Member-At-Large for conference packets to all voting members of WSASEA at the Conference.

Send out email ballots to all members. Tally ballots and notify the President of the new officers.

Year of service as Past-President ends.


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