WSASEA Town Meeting – Monday, October 20, 2003


Meeting called to order:            10:15 a.m.


I.                    Welcome – Gayle Dohrman

a.       Introductions of Board Members 2003-04 – Gayle Dohrman

b.      Minutes – Eryn Pearson

c.       Treasurer’s Report – Betsy Shields

d.      Agenda Overview for Town Meeting – Gayle Dohrman

e.       Housekeeping – Gayle Dohrman

f.        Introductions of Town Member Attendees

g.       Work Study Fund Management:  Minimize the Risk, Improve the Outcomes – Jim DeWilde & Betty Gebhardt


II.                 HECB Update – Betty Gebhardt, Khris Blummer and Jeff Powell – 10:30 a.m.

a.       Mary Gsell on medical leave for next 12 weeks

b.      Program Update for 2002-03 Spending

c.       Expenditures – Khris Blummer

                                                               i.      Reconciliation for 02-03 should go out by the end of October

                                                             ii.      Supplemental

                                                            iii.      Current expenditures are up from last year

                                                           iv.      Reimbursements for 03-04 are currently being processed

                                                             v.      Increases to minimum wage

                                                           vi.      Trends survey

d.       Revised Employer Contract – Khris Blummer

e.       Policy issues – FICA, unemployment, etc. – Khris Blummer

f.        Expenditure survey method – Khris Blummer

g.       Revamping SWS web page – Khris Blummer

                                                               i.      employer link & web page

                                                             ii.      secure website all on one page

h.       Cash Request Process – Jeff Powell

                                                               i.      Upload and goes directly to Jeff

                                                             ii.      Online

                                                            iii.      Private school time sheet processing is going smoothly

1.      problem with job descriptions not matching

i.         Community Service Projects – Jeff Powell

                                                               i.      Clark College – Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery Bicentennial

                                                             ii.      CWU – Faculty and Student Partnership for Civic Engagement

                                                            iii.      Clover Park Technical College – Leaving a Lasting Legacy

                                                           iv.      EWU – Promoting Life-long Health in Cheney Elementary Schools

                                                             v.      Gonzaga University – Homeless Artisans and Writers Coalition Program

                                                           vi.      Grays Harbor College – Grays Harbor College Coastal Resources Learning Center

                                                          vii.      Heritage College – Child Success Team

                                                        viii.      SPU – Music Education for Inner City Youth

j.        Gear-Up – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Meeting for contractors regarding benefits of program and hiring work-study students

k.      Administrative Grants – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      $2,500 to $5,000

                                                             ii.      Combined projects

                                                            iii.      Partnership with an employer

                                                           iv.      Deadline November 14, 2003

l.         State Minimum Wage – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Effective 1/1/2004, $7.16

                                                             ii.      Highest in country

m.     DSHS –Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Implementation of 5-year limit of being on welfare

1.      Exceptions

                                                             ii.      No drastic changes

n.       Civil Service Reform – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Departments merging

                                                             ii.      700-800 job classifications/pay rates condensed to 200-300

                                                            iii.      Employers to do short-term bonuses

                                                           iv.      Subtitles within major job title classifications

                                                             v.      Promotion/skill level rewards

o.      Roadmap Project – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Cash requests

                                                             ii.      Unit record report online

                                                            iii.      WSNG interim report – 3-4 mos.

                                                           iv.      Electronic access administrators

                                                             v.      Promise online application

p.      Job Development Regional Meetings – Betty Gebhardt

q.      Employer Recognition  - Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Coincide with Student Employee of the Month in April

                                                             ii.      WSASEA 25th Anniversary

r.        Employer Problems/Issues  -Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Non comparable wages – students paid what a non student would be paid

                                                             ii.      Students working for family

s.       FICA – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Can waive but employer must not implicate HECB

t.        State Budget Forecast – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Unchanged since June

u.       2004 Supplemental Budget Session – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      School surveys as what schools need

v.       Washington Competitiveness Council – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      Higher Education profiles

                                                             ii.      Recommendations

w.     Strategic Master Plan – Betty Gebhardt

x.       Miscellaneous Local and National Topics – Betty Gebhardt

y.       Dept. of Education Updates – Betty Gebhardt

                                                               i.      No changes/updates

z.       NSEA Activities – Betty Gebhardt

aa.   SWS Web-based Resources – Betty Gebhardt

III.               Break – 11:30

IV.              Discussion on Administrator of the Year/Miscellaneous Membership Issues – Gayle Dohrman – 11:45

a.       Student Employment Essentials Training

                                                               i.      Incorporating with Spring Conference

b.      WSASEA Board Elections

                                                               i.      Vote at Spring Conference

                                                             ii.      Incorporate a better nomination process

                                                            iii.      Benefits/Resources

                                                           iv.      HECB grant to update information and streamline officer duties

                                                             v.      Refine processes

                                                           vi.      Additional HECB Administrative Grant

                                                          vii.      Absentee ballot for members that cannot attend Spring Conference

                                                        viii.      List of confirmed officers available at 1st day of conference

                                                           ix.      Website information for each nominee/short biography with picture

                                                             x.      Email submission prior to conference or 1st day of Spring Conference of interested candidates

                                                           xi.      Add to registration form additional information about Board elections/nominations

V.                 Lunch – 12:05 p.m.

VI.              Job Development – Laura Ross – 1:00

a.       Workforce Development Center

                                                               i.      Free employment services for employers/employees

                                                             ii.      Career center

                                                            iii.      Work Source affiliate

                                                           iv.      Displaced homemakers

                                                             v.      Workers retraining

                                                           vi.      Partners in careers

b.      What is Job Development?

                                                               i.      Job identification

                                                             ii.      Job creation

                                                            iii.      Job re-structuring

                                                           iv.      Dual roles

1.      Serving students

2.      Serving employers

                                                             v.      A circle with no end

                                                           vi.      Sales, sales, sales

c.       How Do You Do It?

                                                               i.      Coordinate your efforts

1.      Develop a working relationship with other local agencies

2.      Network

d.      Where Do You Look?

                                                               i.      Local newspaper

1.      Want ads

2.      Business section

                                                             ii.      Be aware of local neighborhood

                                                            iii.      Chamber of Commerce

                                                           iv.      Attend job fairs

                                                             v.      Employment security labor market reports

1.      Work Source Washington

e.       Conduct Your Own Survey

                                                               i.      Name of business

                                                             ii.      Address of business

                                                            iii.      Name of person or persons responsible for hiring

                                                           iv.      Number of employees

                                                             v.      Main products

                                                           vi.      Main types of jobs

                                                          vii.      Is there a seasonal aspect of the company?  When do they hire?

f.        Where to Find Contacts

                                                               i.      Yellow Pages

                                                             ii.      Library resources

1.      FVRL Reference USA Database

                                                            iii.      Other online resources

                                                           iv.      Ask your instructors

g.       Make “the Call”

                                                               i.      Be prepared

                                                             ii.      Develop a script

                                                            iii.      Ask for an appointment

h.       How to Interest Employers in Hiring Students

                                                               i.      Know what’s required of the job

                                                             ii.      Know what services your college offers that might be incentives to employer

i.         What Does the Future Job Market Look Like?

                                                               i.      Job trends:  career information and exploration

1.      America’s Career Infonet

2.      Work Force Explorer

3.      Occupational Outlook Handbook

j.        Conclusion

                                                               i.      Patience

                                                             ii.      Persistence

                                                            iii.      Optimism

k.      Q and A Session

                                                               i.      Position funded through JLD funds

                                                             ii.      Goal of position was to centralize and collaborate what several offices were doing at Clark College, plus locate more work-study positions

VII.            Round Table Discussion – 1:45

a.       DSHS/Unemployment Offices

                                                               i.      Information shared

                                                             ii.      FERPA

                                                            iii.      Student release of information form

                                                           iv.      Request a fax with agency seal/letterhead

VIII.         Break – 1:55

IX.              Round Table Discussion (cont.) – 2:05

a.       Administrator of the Year

                                                               i.      Should we eliminate?

                                                             ii.      Develop new criteria

                                                            iii.      Email to college/university directors/supervisors for nominations

                                                           iv.      Point of view from supervisor or from other employment administrators

                                                             v.      Table discussion?

                                                           vi.      Employer recognition?

                                                          vii.      What is our agenda with recognizing an administrator?

                                                        viii.      Sub-committee using the listserve to gather data

                                                           ix.      Employer award per region

                                                             x.      School/WSASEA could provide recognition to the employer

                                                           xi.      Focus on acknowledging employers in general rather than an award

                                                          xii.      Vote on continuing Administrator of the Year – no show of hands

                                                        xiii.      Vote on Employer of the Year – no show of hands

                                                        xiv.      Vote on forming subcommittee for Employer of the Year – no show of hands

                                                         xv.      Gene Carroll made a motion to give the Board the responsibility to select the Administrator of the Year

1.      Eryn Pearson seconded the motion

2.      Discussion

a.       Amendment that Board can still select feedback from the membership

b.      Yearly or when applicable

                                                                                                                                       i.      At discretion of the Board of whether or not yearly of when applicable

                                                                                                                                     ii.      Board will develop guidelines

c.       Vote – approved

b.      Spring Conference

                                                               i.      25th Anniversary

1.      Develop a subcommittee on WSASEA history

2.      Feedback from seasoned WSASEA members

3.      Bob Yohnka will serve as Chair of history subcommittee

4.      Photos, videos, etc.

5.      Group photo to put on website

                                                             ii.      Topics

1.      Student Employment Training Essentials – may or may not do at Spring Conference; $100.00 each session

2.      FERPA

3.      Work-study programs & financial aid

4.      Employment information

5.      Student Employment Organizations

6.      SEVIS – international students

7.      Fund management

8.      Work-study evaluations/surveys – student/employer feedback

9.      Daycare support for student employees

10.  Job placement for students with full-time schedules that don’t fit with regular office/business hours – difficult placement

                                                            iii.      May 17-19, 2004 – Rainbow Lodge

c.       WSASEA Membership Cards

d.      Group Photo – 3:00

e.       Meeting Adjourned – 3:00

f.        New Comer Q and A