WSASEA Meeting Minutes


Town Meeting Minutes

October 25, 200210:00 am-3:15 pm

Central Washington University


In Attendance:           Officers:  Jim DeWilde, President; Gayle Dohrman, President Elect; Laurie Armstrong, Past President; Bob Yohnka, Treasurer; Eryn Pearson, Secretary and Nancy Nieraeth, WebMaster.


                                    WSASEA Members:  Linda Henry, PLU; Brian Renney, NW College; Sue Cornett, Big Bend C.C.; Sean Garnes, PLU; Betty Gebhardt, HECB; Khris Blummer, HECB; Twyla Kruger, Walla Walla College; Tana Dugan, Gonzaga University; Robin Guevara, Gonzaga University; Charlene Rios, Big Bend C.C.; Kim Smith, Tacoma C.C.; Venetta Miller, Perry Tech; Sabrina Garnes, Centralia College; Laurie Stemmene, Washington St. University; Joan Rogerson, Centralia College; Angela Abney, Bates Tech College; Susan Nase, Bates Tech College; Melisa Valdez, Yakima Valley C.C.; Michael Azzato, University of Washington; Cindy McBeth, HECB; Penny Butters, Spokane Falls C.C.; Juli Morozami, Spokane C.C.; Betsy Shields, Everett C.C.; Lisa Fortson, Pierce C.C.; Ruth Sanders, South Puget Sound C.C.; Angela Jefferson, NW Indian College; Joal Galindo, NW Indian College; Susan Lybbert,  CWU; Patti Schell, CWU; Rob Lynam, CWU; Carole Collison, CWU; Lorraine Chavez, CWU; Becky Baker, CWU; Karla Shugart, CWU and Pam Zupan, CWU.


Meeting called to order at 10:15.


Introductions, Minutes, Treasurer’s Report and Housekeeping


Jim DeWilde:

1.      “Beginning of the Gavel” to call the meeting to order.

2.      Address new WSASEA members and the benefits to belonging to WSASEA.

3.      Mention of HECB grant discussion for Executive Board officers after Town Meeting.

4.      Introduction of WSASEA officers.

5.      Open WSASEA officer positions.

6.      Introduction of WSASEA members.

7.      President’s report:  student employment & new WSASEA listserv.

8.      Spring conference dates.




Eryn Pearson:

1.      Brief minutes from officer’s meeting and conference call regarding HECB grant.


Bob Yohnka:

1.      Treasurer’s notes.


Gayle Dohrman:

                                    1. Housekeeping items.


Presentations:            10:40 – HECB Update, Betty Gebhardt


1.      SWS is a $17 million program with 8,500 students participating.  Unique due to its large size; biggest in the country.

2.      Only 17 states participate in a work-study program.

3.      Handout.

a.       2001-02 expenditures.

b.      Timesheet processing tips/reimbursement.

c.       Budget outlook.

d.      Administrative grants.

e.       2002-03 community service projects.

f.        New publication – SWS Student Handbook.

g.       Roadmap project.

h.       Survey topics for Advisory Committee meeting.

i.         Revised HECB website.

j.        Job development report.

k.      New state minimum wage for 2003.

l.         Gear Up.

m.     NSEA conference.

n.       Web resources.

4.      Introduction of new Program Coordinator – Khris Blummer.

5.      HECB request for some schools to de-commit SWS money for 2002-03.

6.      November 15th deadline for schools to respond to money re-circulation.  Most schools have requested additional funding.

7.      SWS payment summary on HECB website can report to date each institution’s earnings.

8.      Mary Gsell to return in November after trip to Russia.

9.      Reconciliation reports for private institutions will continue to be mailed out by the HECB for the 2002-03 year.

10.  Discussion on adding reconciliation date on HECB website to let employers know specifically when reimbursement check was sent.



11:15-11:25 – Break


11:25U.S. Department of Education Update, Linda Burkhardt


1.      FWSC allocation.  Reauthorization in 2004, movement in Congress to increase FWSC percentage on campuses.

2.      Evaluation/surveys to reflect whether a job description does not meet the job the student has been asked to do.

3.      Handout.

a.       2002-03 Financial Aid Handbook posted to IFAP.  Hard copies to be mailed to institutions in December.

b.      Minor changes to NPRM published in August.

c.       Use of electronic records and protection standards.

d.      Dept. of Education still does not have a budget for the 2003 year.

e.       Upcoming training events.

f.        Job Location and Development Program.

g.       Summer employment.

h.       Audit findings.


12:30 – CESC Council Meeting Discussion, Betsy Shields


1.      Software programs used at different campuses for student employment.  Sign-up sheet passed around to record systems used.


12:35-1:15 – No-host Lunch


1:20 – INS Presentation on the Form I-9 and Employment Eligibility Verification, Lynda Buehring


PLEASE NOTE:  The I-9 information provided in the Town Meeting Minutes is based on notes taken during the meeting and may not accurately reflect current INS policy, acceptable documentation, or practices.  WSASEA provides this information as a courtesy to members and it shall not be held responsible in any way for omissions or inaccuracies of any kind nor any circumstances arising from use or misuse of the information by any individual or institution at any time.


1.      Biggest reason for inspections at campuses/employers – referrals or leads from an outside organization or individuals.

2.      Key:  OBSERVATIONS – the person you are certifying to work, is the person providing you with the documents.

3.      Form I-9 provides employment eligibility.

4.      Handouts, M-274 handbook for employment.

5.      Office of Business Liaison.

6.      Social Security Administration – EVS, replacement receipt, critical links.

7.      Safeguards against discrimination.

8.      Tim Beard, contact at INS regarding social security questions.  (206) 615-2125.

9.      Section 1 – the Attestation Box is strongly reviewed by an INS officer in an audit.

10.  Expiration date – employment eligibility.

11.  Date of hire needs to be within 3 days of certification date in Section 2 – also strongly reviewed.  If out of compliance, INS will look at a percentage and determine a fine.  Document resolution or contact with employer regarding late paperwork can be attached to Form I-9 to show proof.

12.  Receipt for a replacement social security card should take just 7-10 days, although it does state up to 90 days.  Same circumstance for an international student.

13.  If a picture looks unusual on documentation, can still use documentation to complete form and record but may complement with documentation that has a recent picture to verify.

14.  New items on website.

15.  Removed some required document items from List A in Section 2.

16.  List B and List C in Section 2 will be limited.

17.  Proposed rules.

a.        Public comment period is continuing.

b.       Final rules and regulations are pending.

c.        Acceptable documentation.

18.  Section 3 revisions.  Go to for additional information.

19.  Laminated social security cards – 1983 security features added and cannot feel or see if laminated.  May accept a laminated card, INS will not fault employer but card could be fraudulent.

20.  F1 or J20 students – I-94 is okay, but take date from I-20.

21.  Can abbreviate documentation on Form I-9.

22.  Fines. 

a.       1st time audit, INS will inform institution what is wrong, provide a warning notice detailing problems and a deadline to adjust.   2nd audit – if previous problems not fixed, YOU WILL BE FINED. 

b.      Smuggling. 

c.       No Form I-9’s on file.

23.  Lynda’s #:  (206) 553-5633.  Brian’s #:  (206) 553-5657.

24.  Counterfeit documents – what to look for. 

a.       Alien number contains 8 digits, 9 if the 1st number is a 0. 

b.      No numbers in the 80’s range. 

c.       No numbers in the A50 to A69 range.

d.      No numbers higher than A96 or A096.


25.  Report or mail fraudulent documentation to:  1000 2nd Ave., Ste. 2600; Worksite Enforcement/Investigations; Seattle, WA 98104.

26.  Report companies:  (206) 553-0401.

27.  Report illegal aliens:  (206) 553-7924.



Town Meeting ended at 3:15.


Grant Discussion with WSASEA Officers


Nancy Nieraeth:

1.      Presented HECB proposal.

a.       Improvement of web resources.

                                                                                                                           i.      Relocation.

                                                                                                                         ii.      Domain name registration.

1.      Gayle – did not purchase domain name yet. comes with domain name, unlimited access, ftp upload, website space sufficient to link to a separate site for archive information, shopping cart capability, 39 bytes of space, unlimited data transfer and email accounts.  $19.00 set up cost plus $4.50 a month.  Total for 1st year cost would be $78.40 and then $12.95 additionally each year.  Future fees could be paid by WSASEA.  Gayle also to look into additional space to add to site. 

                                                                                                                        iii.      Wages for student web developer.  Through CWU possibly if work-study, if non work-study would need professional contract – Gayle to provide cost analysis for professional development.

                                                                                                                       iv.      Benefits for student web developer.

b.      Conference support and Board professional development resources.

                                                                                                                           i.      Conference calls (20 hours) – block for the remainder of the year.

                                                                                                                         ii.      Board meeting – January/February, 8 officers.

1.      Travel costs for Board members?

2.      Reimbursement for meals? – Eryn to provide cost analysis.

3.      Overnight retreat? – Eryn and Bob to provide cost analysis.

4.      Conference planning meeting.

5.      Conference planning guide preparation/archiving.

6.      Development of Board job descriptions.

7.      Development of comprehensive Association calendar.

8.      Guest speaker for Spring Conference – Eryn to provide cost analysis.

c.       Archiving historical materials and creating templates.

                                                                                                                           i.      Wages for student archiver (100%) – same details as mentioned in “improvement of web resources”.

                                                                                                                         ii.      Benefits for student archiver.


d.      Equipment.

                                                                                                                           i.      Rental for laptop computer (to include CD-RW) for 2 weeks (conference, Board planning meeting).  Could download information and burn on a CD.  Type minutes on the spot at meetings. – Eryn to provide cost analysis to purchase moderately priced laptop with CD burner.

                                                                                                                         ii.      Rental for scanner with multiple sheet feed capability (3 months).  Decided against.

                                                                                                                        iii.      Digital camera purchase or rental? – Eryn to provide cost analysis to purchase.

e.       Yearly timeline for grant proposal.

f.        Grant deadline.


Motion to end meeting at 4:35 by Bob and 2nd by Gayle.