WSASEA Spring Conference 2003 Minutes


WSASEA Spring Conference – Day 1

May 5, 2003


                                I.      2:00 President’s Welcome – Jim DeWilde

a.       Overview of Town Meeting in October

b.      Thank you to HECB for grant approval & support

c.       Overview of Board Member meeting in January/February

d.      Nancy Nieraeth resigning as Webmaster in 03-04

e.       Introduction of Board Members

f.        Spring Conference

g.       Executive Board Elections

h.       Membership Dues


                             II.      2:13 Icebreaker – Bob Yohnka & Laurie Armstrong

a.       Introduction of all conference attendees

b.      Group fun to learn about each other


                           III.      2:28 WSASEA Executive Board – Gayle Dohrman

a.       HECB Grant to streamline Board duties

b.      Recognition of Lisa’s contribution to the Board

c.       25th anniversary for WSASEA in 2004

d.      Explanation of Board meeting commitments, conference calls, planning Town Meeting and Spring Conference, benefits, grant updates to assist members

                          IV.      2:34 WSASEA Board Member Recognition – Jim DeWilde


                             V.      2:36 WSASEA Membership Online – Bob Yohnka

a.       02-03 Currently online

b.      03-04 Will be available soon

c.       Dues can be included in Spring Conference fees

d.      WSASEA directory will be available online, paper format no longer available

                          VI.      2:37 Rainbow Lodge House Rules – Nancy Nieraeth

a.       Announcement regarding renovations to Rainbow Lodge and accepting donations


                        VII.      2:40 Recap of First Day Conference Events – Jim DeWilde


                     VIII.      3:02 HECB Presentation


a.       Betty Gephardt


                                                                           i.            HECB update – current year, start up activities for next year, JLD

                                                                         ii.            Cindy McBeth’s retirement

                                                                        iii.            Fact sheet

                                                                       iv.            Expenditures – 1.5% behind from last year; 4% less utilization rate in public 4 year institutions, independent schools up 6%, community colleges are at same standing and technical colleges are under 3%

                                                                         v.            May survey should be top priority for schools

                                                                       vi.            Some institutions are implementing plans to handle 02-03 year (i.e. pledging money, switch employers into FWS)

                                                                      vii.            Khris Blummer has latest list for schools regarding funds used, available online

                                                                    viii.            7/15/03 public school year end report deadline

                                                                       ix.            Current systems and system development

                                                                         x.            Electronic time sheet submission

                                                                       xi.            Improvements to HECB website (i.e. Excel downloads); may look further into granting employer access to reimbursement roster online

                                                                      xii.            Expanded invoice proposal

                                                                    xiii.            Electronic funds transferred for employers

                                                                    xiv.            Updating business policies via assistance from Milestone Technologies (i.e. interactive website, live time, visits to campus to merge with existing systems, electronic access and data entry agreement); $3 million requested from legislation to endorse project, funds denied

                                                                     xv.            Theology students – major case (Davey case) to use state aid; Supreme Court will decide to take case on 5/15/03

                                                                    xvi.            Payment changes

                                                                  xvii.            Reimbursements for all employers in SWS program for state and private institutions

                                                                 xviii.            Work First – increased caseload due to economy changes; new program for DCA in WSNG program (additional $1000, but state funds not available, soliciting private donations)

                                                                    xix.            DSHS – trend that general assistance payments may go away

                                                                     xx.            Department of Personnel – removed exemption for benefits for temporary employees and SWS employees (SWS employees exempt originally); 5/9/03 deadline to make a decision, only overlap problem could be SWS students hired during the summer as temporary employees

                                                                    xxi.            Legislative – $2.6 billion deficit; carry forward, carry back funds not approved

                                                                  xxii.            HECB May Training Workshops

                                                                 xxiii.            Misc.


b.      Jeff Powell


i.                     Deadlines & Time Sheet Issues

ii.                   Common Time Sheet Errors:  position numbers incorrect, signatures and dates, pay rates adjusted correctly, etc.

iii.                  Memo went out mid-May regarding HECB deadlines; 7/15/03 1st time sheet deadline, 7/24/03 deadline agreement with employer (s) to submit at this later date

iv.                 Cash request deadline is 7/15/03

v.                   03-04 Community Service Grant Programs, deadline 6/2/03


c. Khris Blummer


                                                                                 i.            03-04 Job descriptions and employer renewals, error in duplication, 1st deadline is 5/15/03; HECB will send out again late May; automatic renewals for any contracts received after 4/18/03

                                                                               ii.            Program reserves for 03-04, no adjustment down and no discussion at the State to decrease; official letters will go out once government convenes

                                                                              iii.            Position numbers for Gear Up projects should be in the 700-level, 800-level is for Community Service projects and the HECB strictly uses 900-level

                                                                             iv.            Stop using old employer contracts, new format online

                                                                               v.            State minimum wage should increase September 2003


d.  Mary Gsell


                                                                                 i.            Administrative Grant update – T.C.C. & Clover Park combination grant to place students in positions where English is the 2nd language; CBC developed a promotional CD about the SWS program for students and employers; Clark C.C. and Everett C.C. installation of Interphase

                                                                               ii.            Community Service Grants (may do multiple projects, but all aspects may not be funded – updates on Gray’s Harbor raising alternative energy; Whatcom C.C. daycare project; Yakima Valley C.C. transferring financial aid information into Spanish; Lower Columbia C.C. tutoring girls in math; PLU after school program with the Boys and Girls Club; S.U. law interns assisting with disputes at K.C. Dispute Resolution Center

                                                                              iii.            Funds Management

                                                                             iv.            02-03 Gear Up problems with control and watching expenditures – 2 programs:  Scholars Gear Up Project and States Project


                          IX.      Break 5:00-5:30


                             X.      Dinner 5:30-6:30


                          XI.      6:40 Are Leaders Born or Bred, What’s Change Got to Do with It? – Myrtle Ching-Rappa


a.       Handout


                        XII.      8:30 Social Activities – movies, snacks, etc.



WSASEA Spring Conference – Day 2

May 6, 2003


              I.      8:30 WSASEA Board Nominations Reminder for 03-04 – Jim DeWilde


           II.      8:35 Politics at Work (Campus Politics) – Myrtle Ching-Rappa


a.       Handout


         III.      9:36-10:00 Break


        IV.      10:00 HECB Funds Management – Betty Gebhardt


a.       Handout


           V.      11:30 CBC SWS Recruitment Video (HECB grant) – Mary Gsell


        VI.      11:45 Student Employee of the Year – Laurie Armstrong


a.       Student:  Richard Moore from SPU

b.      Supervisor:  Reese Carson


      VII.      11:50 Cindy McBeth Recognition; HECB Retirement – Jim DeWilde


a.       Lack of nominations for Administrator of the Year


   VIII.      12:00-1:00 Lunch


        IX.      1:00 Schools with Effective SWS Programs Panel Discussion – Mary Gsell


a.       Topic:  Packaging & Awarding

                                                               i.      Penny Butters, Spokane Falls Community College – “offered” award, keep waiting list for late applications after 4/1

                                                             ii.      Jackie Springer, Clover Park Technical College – award for length of program, award is “offered” & is activated upon placement, limits by unmet need, 20% over-award of allocation

                                                            iii.      Leslie Blackaby, Yakima Valley Community College – FAFSA data & institute data sheet, priority deadline 8/1, 200% over commit, send letters to students not working in October to see if they want to decline award

                                                           iv.      LuAnne Hommel, Eastern Washington University – 2/15 cut-off deadline, financial aid office awards all students FWS unless otherwise indicated, award terminated if not used in October, review each quarter whether or not to increase money, $1000 per quarter is typical award, wait list

                                                             v.      Bob Yohnka, Seattle Pacific University – no cut off date, about 250% over commit, generic award type, look at summer use & set money aside for year, notified at end of fall quarter if student doesn’t use by 1/31 could lose money


b.      Topic:  Summer Work-Study – Disadvantages & Advantages in Awarding Techniques

                                                               i.      Penny – summer program is 8 weeks, a lot of resources on website & communication

                                                             ii.      Jackie – short summer award, September is biggest award period, program doesn’t allow student to earn a lot of money to carry over

                                                            iii.      Leslie – SWS in summer only & very small award, FAFSA questions regarding work-study may be confusing

                                                           iv.      LuAnne – summer work-study program, have access to all student employer jobs

                                                             v.      Bob – 40% use in summer, too small award for year


c.       Topic:  Student Education on the SWS Award

                                                               i.      Penny – power point presentation, mandatory orientation, human touch, appointments

                                                             ii.      Jackie – one-to-one appointments, in process of developing an online orientation, loan counseling, earnings orientation

                                                            iii.      Leslie – student orientation & give out packet, invite employers to orientation, supervisor orientation or done one-on-one, email supervisors once a month about deadlines, interactive tools to keep track of earnings

                                                           iv.      LuAnne – personal interviews at time of placement, schedule appointment times, supervisor orientations throughout year

                                                             v.      Bob – no mandatory sessions due to beginning orientations well attended, information sent to student prior to school year, office education, supervisor training once a year & list serve


d.      Topic:  Underserved Student to Use Work-Study Money

                                                               i.      Penny – disabilities referrals, help to target jobs

                                                             ii.      Jackie – target special population, go to ESL classes, report established patterns

                                                            iii.      Leslie – community service project with HECB had students translating financial aid information into Spanish, establish a family night & radio show for same promotion

                                                           iv.      LuAnne – nothing at the moment

                                                             v.      Bob – nothing at the moment


e.       Topic:  Placement & Marketing/Advertising to the Student

                                                               i.      Penny – 1st Place to post jobs (4 computers in center), working on new job database system, employer accountability & evaluations, mailings, letters to employers (new & existing), email reminders, student surveys & evaluations

                                                             ii.      Jackie – currently working on doing more online placement, marketing more one-on-one, encourage off campus placement, keep website updated & current, send employers Thank You’s

                                                            iii.      Leslie – job binders at orientation (positions go quickly), employers come to orientation, most positions on campus, student word of mouth, students talk to the Board of Trustees

                                                           iv.      LuAnne – online posting, students marketing to other students, increase efficiency, off campus employers will be able to submit job requisitions, mailings to employers

                                                             v.      Bob – post all jobs on website, post jobs until there is funding available then pull, raising the bar on quality jobs, regular mailings to employer, job fair & Student Employee of the Year to bring employers to campus


           X.      2:06-2:30 Break


        XI.      2:30 Break Out Sessions


a.       Online Job Database Panel Discussion – Linda Bures (SPSCC) & Erik Mulloy (CSO Research)

b.      Show Me the Numbers – Jim DeWilde (WWU)


      XII.      3:45-4:00 Break


   XIII.      4:00 International Student Issues – Katherine Sorenson & Amanda Gunn (UW)


a., website at University of Washington with appropriate I-9 documents to complete Section 2

b.      Handouts


   XIV.      5:30-6:30 Dinner

     XV.      7:00 Social Activities


WSASEA Spring Conference – Day 3

May 7, 2003


              I.      8:35 Financial Aid 101 & Federal Update – Linda Burkhardt, Department of Education


a.       Handout


           II.      9:30-10:00 Break & Clean Rooms


         III.      Roundtable Discussions – Lisa Fortson, Moderator


a.       Confirmed Spring Conference 2004 at Rainbow Lodge; May 17-19

b.      Confirmed Town Meeting at Central Washington University; October 24

c.       Discussion regarding WSASEA Board Member nominations

d.      Discussion regarding dates & location of WSASEA Spring Conference & topics

                                                               i.      Prefer April for 2005; April 18-20

                                                             ii.      Check with times for NSEA & WASEA conferences

                                                            iii.      Topics overlapping with NSEA & WASEA conferences

                                                           iv.      Rainbow Lodge location is convenient and enjoyed

                                                             v.      Look at reasons for low attendance – other commitments, quarter/semester start/end dates

                                                           vi.      Solicit businesses/organizations to sponsor travel grants

                                                          vii.      Provide additional information (letter) or contact for new members about attending Spring Conference, importance of attending & benefits

                                                        viii.      Additional announcement at other conferences, other list serves (i.e. Career Services Council, HECB0, more publicity

                                                           ix.      Further promotion of Student Employee of the Year via local newspaper(s), campus radio, campus newspaper, Rotary & Chamber of Commerce involvement, create a online guideline to plan even (possible workshop topic at conference)

                                                             x.      FERPA training

                                                           xi.      New electronic communication format for WSASEA is good

                                                          xii.      FLSA, making a judgment call on pulling a position or deny posting a position

                                                        xiii.      DSHS/Employment Office – sharing information with them regarding a student, liaison between schools & departments, legal liabilities, regulations, termination rules, letter or form format to request student information for state benefits, lawyer presentation on legal employment issues


        IV.      10:58-11:15 Break


           V.      11:15 Small Group Round Table Discussions


a.       What kind of information would you like to see presented at the fall Town Meeting?

                                                               i.      FERPA – best practices at other schools

                                                             ii.      Student Employee of the Year

                                                            iii.      Marketing to new employers or opening up other job potentials within a corporation

                                                           iv.      Town Meeting format – open discussion vs. 1-2 guest speakers & open discussion

                                                             v.      Work-study reimbursement rates

                                                           vi.      Business representation (i.e. the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary)


b.      What resource would help to have on the WSASEA website?

                                                               i.      Photos of each member from each school

                                                             ii.      Link to UW website for I-9 documents

                                                            iii.      Link to other schools student employment websites

                                                           iv.      A “how to” cheat sheet on managing funds

                                                             v.      Points of reference within the WSASEA community that are a good resource on particular topics


c.       What should WSASEA do or go if membership should double in size?

                                                               i.      Currently at 30 members

                                                             ii.      30 overnight guests at 2003 Spring Conference, Rainbow Lodge accommodates 60

                                                            iii.      Overall agreement in not foreseeing a huge growth, if so could look at campus facilities for future conferences


        VI.      12:00 Lunch


      VII.      12:40 Business Meeting


a.       Recognition of Jim DeWilde as WSASEA President

b.      Secretary Minutes from Town Meeting

c.       Treasurer’s Notes

d.      Membership Dues for 03-04

                                                               i.      Currently at $25.00, increase to $35

                                                             ii.      Originally suggested $40 by Board Members at Spring Conference Planning Meeting in January

                                                            iii.      Nancy pointed out costs of maintaining the WSASEA website, publication outreach to recruit new members

                                                           iv.      Gayle mentioned other maintenance upkeep costs & that WASEA membership dues were at $35

                                                             v.      Motion made by Betsy Shields to increase dues to $35 this year & to increase to $40 next year

                                                           vi.      Gene Carroll seconded the motion

                                                          vii.      All in favor of adjustment to membership fees at $35 for 03-04

                                                        viii.      Committee structure for WSASEA

                                                           ix.      Ballot out for additional WSASEA Board nominations


VIII.  1:04 End of Spring Conference 2003