WSASEA Board Meeting – August 22, 2003


1:03 Start


In Attendance:  Jim DeWilde, Gayle Dohrman, Gene Carroll, Curtis Hagen, Bob Yohnka, Eryn Pearson, Betsy Shields and Lisa Fortson


Not in Attendance:  Nancy Nieraeth, Laurie Armstrong


             I.      Welcome – Incoming & Thank Outgoing Board Members

a.      Jim call meeting to order

b.     Pass gavel to Gayle as new President

c.     List of new Board Members:

                                                              i.      Jim – Past President

                                                            ii.      Gayle – President

                                                          iii.      Gene – Webmaster

                                                         iv.      Bob – President Elect

                                                           v.      Curtis – Member-at-Large

                                                         vi.      Eryn – Secretary

                                                       vii.      Betsy – Treasurer

                                                     viii.      Lisa – Vice President

d.     Gayle introduction & welcome


          II.      Housekeeping at SPU


       III.      General Introduction

a.      Nomination ballot/elections

b.     Board Member job descriptions – duty of Past President

                                                              i.      Time commitment

                                                            ii.      Responsibilities

                                                          iii.      Dual/cross-training (i.e. President & President Elect to have signing authority for WSASEA checks if Treasurer is not available)

c.     Equipment custodianship

                                                              i.      Bob to receive digital camera & sign contract

                                                            ii.      Need to purchase a battery charger for digital camera

                                                          iii.      Revamp equipment contract – master form

d.     Jim made a motion to purchase re-chargeable batteries for camera, Betsy seconded motion 3:10 pm



      IV.      Review Fiscal Records – certify accuracy as required per by-laws

a.      Bob pass off to Betsy, WSASEA account

b.     $700.00 ahead from previous year – spring conference expenses less

c.     Curtis to check with supervisor on better payment intake/confirmation receipt – Access merge (Gayle)


         V.      Exchange Materials & Information

a.      Archive CD’s – past 25 years – Bob

                                                              i.      Notebooks to remain with Gayle

                                                            ii.      CD information on WSASEA website

b.     No need to renew laptop & contract with Eryn

c.     Conference items/topics from 2003

                                                              i.      Reference Meeting Minutes from last day of Spring Conference

1.     FERPA

2.     WSASEA website information

3.     Work-study reimbursement rates/pay rates

4.     Town Meeting format

5.     DSHS/Employment Office

6.     FLSA

7.     Student Employee of the Year

8.     Business representation


      VI.      WSASEA Web Site Issues

a.      Style change

                                                              i.      Look too plain, too lean

                                                            ii.      More professional

                                                          iii.      Gene & student employee will create some examples & send out to Board members

                                                         iv.      Link to members/school website

                                                           v.      Link to resources (i.e. Job Fair, Student Employee of the Year)

                                                         vi.      Counter

                                                       vii.      Worksource link & resources

                                                     viii.      List upcoming state events – news & events

b.     Increase space

c.     Increase use/site visit

d.     Update date sensitive content, WSASEA dues (now $35)

e.      Announce 25th WSASEA anniversary

f.       Access & passwords – President & President Elect to have access as well as Webmaster


   VII.      Town Meeting

a.      Develop agenda/schedule

                                                              i.      Call to order/introductions/minutes/housekeeping/treasurer’s report/Town Meeting packet (10:00-10:20 am)

                                                            ii.      Presentation (10:20-11:05 am)

                                                          iii.      Break (11:05-11:15 am)

                                                         iv.      Presentation (11:25-12:15 pm)

                                                           v.      No-host lunch (12:15-1:15 pm)

                                                         vi.      Presentation (1:15-2:30 pm)

                                                       vii.      Break (2:30-2:35 pm)

                                                     viii.      Round table Discussion (2:35-3:00 pm) – could be roll-over for previous presentation

                                                         ix.      New comer Q & A (3:00-3:15 pm)

b.     Issues/topics; DEADLINE TO FINALIZE:  Week of September 13th

                                                              i.      Student employment marketing – Jose Dominguez (Seven Steps presentation) – Bob will contact

                                                            ii.      Supervisor training/job development – Gene will contact potential speaker (Maxine Mitchell)

                                                          iii.      Establishing pay rates/reimbursement

                                                         iv.      FERPA (academic/employment perspective) – Gayle will contact potential speaker; video – Bob

                                                           v.      US Department of Education – Gayle will contact potential speaker

                                                         vi.      HECB update – Jim will contact potential speaker

c.     Announcement

                                                              i.      Email

                                                            ii.      Mail

                                                          iii.      Attach member list

d.     Location & time:  CWU SUB 204/5, October 20, 2003, Monday

e.      Task list:

                                                              i.      Name tags/markers – Lisa

                                                            ii.      Registration table & chairs – Gayle

                                                          iii.      Registration table staff – Eryn, Curtis & Betsy

                                                         iv.      Membership verification – Bob & Betsy

                                                           v.      Cash management – Betsy

                                                         vi.      Signage – Gayle

                                                       vii.      Sandwich board – Jim

                                                     viii.      Parking Office notification – Gayle

                                                         ix.      WSASEA listserve announcement – Jim

                                                           x.      Confirm presenter – see above section, Issues/topics

                                                         xi.      Refreshments - Gayle

f.       Town Meeting packet – Lisa; DEADLINE TO GET INFORMATION TO LISA:  9/13/03; DEADLINE TO MAIL PACKET:  9/19/03

                                                              i.      WSASEA Listserve - Jim

                                                            ii.      Agenda - Eryn

                                                          iii.      WSASEA website - Lisa

                                                         iv.      School information sheet (i.e. student employment website, etc.) – include on sign-in sheet

                                                           v.      List of Board Members – Eryn

                                                         vi.      Administrator of the Year/Student Employee of the Year

                                                       vii.      Registration form – add fax info. to check payable field, personal info., student employment website, membership fee, Treasurer contact info. & non member  fee – Curtis

1.     Betsy made a motion to increase non member fee for Town Meeting to $20, Lisa seconded at 4:09 pm

                                                     viii.      50 packets


VIII.      Administrator of the Year

a.      Develop sub-committee - Curtis

b.     Solicit ideas from members at Town Meeting

c.     Form included in Town Meeting packet

d.     Re-structure requirements/criteria, not strictly based on employment performance – Betsy will get some guidelines from Everett Chamber of Commerce

e.      Letters to supervisors, student employees, other individuals on campus that may have better knowledge of Administrator


      IX.      Student Employee of the Year

a.      Nomination form revision

b.     Guide for nomination writer – need more detail, provide a checklist, criteria

c.     Some ambiguity on form


         X.      Spring Conference

a.      Discussion of meeting time & agenda for January conference planning meeting

                                                              i.      1 full day

                                                            ii.      Tentatively Friday, January 23rd – SPU, 10:00-5:00

                                                          iii.      Knock off most details through previous conference calls & do finalizing in January

b.     25th Anniversary

                                                              i.      Themes – periods of time, game shows

                                                            ii.      Ideas

                                                          iii.      Speakers – past presidents

                                                         iv.      Issues

                                                           v.      Keynote


      XI.      Regular Conference Calls


   XII.      Processes Needing Attention:

a.      Nomination ballot/election

                                                              i.      Verifying that member wants to be nominated

                                                            ii.      Improve interest

                                                          iii.      Better promotion – do on first day of Spring Conference, direct approach on second day

                                                         iv.      Website promotion – include pictures

                                                           v.      Use listserve – promote job duties

                                                         vi.      Bulletin board at Spring Conference with pictures

                                                       vii.      Define a process for collecting ballots & which Board Member is responsible for tallying ballots – President Elect & Past President

b.     Checklist for transfer of responsibility at end/beginning of year – Gayle & Bob

                                                              i.      Helpful for next Board


XIV.  Close of Meeting 4:23