WSASEA Board Meeting

January 23, 2004/Seattle Pacific University


In attendance:  Gene Carroll, Eryn Pearson, Jim DeWilde, Betsy Shields, Bob Yohnka, Lisa Fortson, Curtis Hagen, Gayle Dohrman




              I.      Meeting:  10:10 a.m.

a.       Membership List – online - Gene

                                                               i.      Solicit more members

1.      WFAA listserve

2.      Flyers

3.      WASEA conference flyers

4.      SEE training

5.      HECB publications/website

6.      Quarterly newsletters

                             ii.  Betsy will compile member list & get to Gene to post online

b.      Overview of meeting’s objectives – Bob

           II.      Spring Conference – May 17th-19th

a.       $165 for conference

b.      $35 for membership dues

c.       $35 for single day conference fees

d.      $6.00 breakfast fee, $8.00 dinner fee, lunch included with conference fee

e.       Registration – Lisa

                                                               i.      Name badges

                                                             ii.      Conference packets

1.      Folders - get variety of schools for packets – Gene, Betsy, Eryn, Jim, Curtis, Bob, Gayle, Lisa

2.      Pens - Jim

                                                            iii.      Staffing front desk

1.      Curtis can only attend Monday of conference – point man for registration on Monday

2.      Registration will be 1-2; Board members will arrive at 10:00 a.m.

                                                           iv.      HECB sponsorship for a keynote speaker

1.      Ideas:  Dependable Strengths, Buzz Marketing, Susan Hutchinson

                                                             v.      Audio visual – Jim

1.      camera – Bob

2.      laptop – Eryn & Jim

3.      digital camera printer – Eryn

                                                           vi.      Site coordinator – Eryn

1.      Follow-up & point-of-contact

                                                          vii.      Community Service Project

1.      Select an eastside organization

2.      Send an email out on listserve for ideas - Gayle

                                                        viii.      Introductions for Guest Speakers - Betsy

1.      Prefer to use presenter familiar to speaker to introduce

2.      Bios - give to Lisa

                                                           ix.      Hospitality – Eryn, Curtis & Bob

1.      Icebreaker/Trivia – 25th Anniversary Theme

                                                             x.      Recognition

1.      Administrator of the Year – no longer recognized

2.      Nominations for Student of the Year

a.       Student Employment Coordinators will submit nominations to Jim

b.      Jim will send out nomination form in February for nominations

c.       Plaque & certificates (Student Employee of the Year, speakers, etc.) – Lisa

d.      Savings bond for Student Employment of the Year – Betsy

e.       Selection for Student Employee of the Year for WSASEA in March

                                                           xi.      Session Planning – Lisa will collect data by 2/20

                                                          xii.      Session Topics

1.      Dependable Strengths – Theo Dobie - Gayle

2.      DOP Civil Services Classifications (HECB)

3.      Funds Management – Jim

4.      Awarding Work-Study at CWU - Gayle

5.      FERPA/Privacy Act  - Eryn to check with Registrar at SU – video per Gayle or Bob also

6.      Marketing to employers (JLD, HECB grants, etc.) – Jose Dominguez (TESC) - Bob

7.      Buzz Marketing – Jose Dominguez (The Evergreen State College) - Bob

8.      Assessment of programs (surveys, spreadsheets, tracking, history) – Round Table - Bob

9.      Employer Training – Round Table

10.  Work-Study Jeopardy (maybe ice-breaker) - Bob

11.  Susan Hutchinson – KIRO - Bob

a.       Send out an email via listserve – call for programs; see what interests people  -Gayle

12.  Generation Y – Eryn  (video to use for presentation)

13.  HECB presentation (DOP, grants, SWS/Dept. of Ed update) – Lisa

                                                        xiii.      Board Nominations – Betsy, Lisa. Jim

                                                        xiv.      Student Employee of the Year Nomination

1.      Student essay for campus winner

a.       200 word max.

b.      “How has your student employment position benefited you professionally, educationally or personally?”

2.      Online template for award/certificate

3.      Recognize all applicants

4.      Remove 2nd signature on nomination form

5.      Provide example

6.      Gayle will send out nomination form

7.      Deadline 4/1

                                                         xv.      Tentative Spring Conference Schedule

1.      MONDAY

a.       1:00-2:00 Registration

b.      2:00-3:00 Ice Breaker, housekeeping issues, Board Member details/nominations

c.       3:00-5:00 HECB – DOP Civil Service Classifications, grant writing, HECB/Dept. of Ed updates

d.      5:00-6:30 Break/Dinner

e.       6:30-8:30 Key Note Speaker – Susan Hutchinson, Theo Dobie or Generation Why

2.      TUESDAY

a.       7:30-8:30 Breakfast

b.      8:30-9:30 Work-Study Jeopardy

c.       9:45-11:00 Funds Management

d.      11:10-12:00 Awarding Work-Study at CWU – possible different types of schools awarding practices too

e.       12:00-1:00 Lunch/Student Employee of the Year Award

f.        1:00-2:15 Key Note Speaker – Susan Hutchinson or Theo Dobie

g.       2:30-3:45 Buzz Marketing/Marketing to Employers

h.       4:00-5:15 FERPA/Privacy Act

i.         5:30-6:30 Dinner


a.       7:30-8:30 Breakfast

b.      8:30-9:30 Generation Why

c.       9:30- 10:00 Break/Room Clean-up

d.      10:00-12:00 Round Table – Program Assessment, employer training, Student Employee of the Year, job fairs

e.       12:00-1:00 Lunch/Board Meeting

                                                        xvi.      Spring Conference information online and sent out by March 1st

1.      Brochure at SEE Training - Gayle

2.      PDF flyer on WSASEA website – Gene

3.      Online information – Gene

         III.      Checklist for transfer of responsibility at year end/beginning

a.       Bank account

b.      Templates

c.       Membership list

d.      Hardware

e.       Gavel

f.        Website passwords

g.       Software

h.       Conference planning materials

        IV.      Set-up WSASEA conference calls

a.       Gayle will set-up times for 2/6 & 2/24

b.      Jim will set-up calls

           V.      Meeting:  3:05 p.m.