WSASEA Conference Call – April 8, 2004


Begin:               2:03 p.m.


In Attendance:              Gayle Dohrman, Jim DeWilde, Lisa Fortson, Curtis Hagen,

                                    Bob Yohnka, Eryn Pearson, Betsy Shields, Gene Carroll


                                      I.      Spring Conference

A.     Betty Gebhardt from the HECB requested that the speaker from the Dept. of Personnel be given some time options for the 2nd day (Tuesday) since current planned time is late in the day to return to Olympia

                                                                                       i.      Betsy originally scheduled to speak (Buzz Marketing) in the 2:30-4:00 p.m. time slot on Tuesday; agreed to adjust time to accommodate HECB presenter

                                                                                     ii.      Betsy will move to 4:15-5:30 p.m. time slot

                                   II.      Wednesday morning:    PERS & Religious Institutions Breakout Session

A.     Spring Conference schedule online needs to be updated with information in 8:30-9:30 a.m. time slot

                                 III.      Monday evening:          Dinner

A.     Spring Conference schedule online needs to be updated with information in 5:30-6:30 p.m. time slot

                                IV.      Monday evening:          Dependable Strengths Presentation

A.     Spring Conference schedule online needs to be updated with “Keynote Speaker” for Theo Dobie as well as reference to WSASEA Past President title

                                   V.      Elections Presentation

A.     Betsy has four easels to bring to Rainbow Lodge

B.     Eryn will verify with Rainbow Lodge of additional easels they may have on-site

C.     Eryn finishing up presentation boards

D.     Add box to Conference registration form regarding interest in WSASEA Board

E.      Betsy tabled the idea of Board positions having a two-year commitment

                                                                                       i.      Announcement at Business Meeting on Wednesday to make an amendment

                                VI.      Spring Conference Promotion

A.     Gayle will send out another announcement to the financial aid, student employment & WSASEA listserves

                              VII.      Spring Conference Menu

A.     Eryn will let Rainbow Lodge know about any special diet concerns

                           VIII.      Board Meetings at Spring Conference

A.     Monday morning before members arrive at 1:00 p.m.

B.     Tuesday night after dinner

                                IX.      Spring Conference Agenda

A.     Deadline to submit final details to Lisa:   4/16/04

B.     Lisa will mail out agenda & registration form following week using Treasurer’s list

C.     Possibly add new WSASEA brochure created by Gayle to agenda information Lisa will be mailing out to members or including a flyer about WSASEA website

D.     Community Service information, C.O.L.T., included

E.      Evening activities after conference included

                                   X.      Spring Conference Theme

A.     2004 WSASEA Spring Conference – Celebrating 25 Years of Student Employment Administration

                                XI.      WSASEA Certificates

A.     Betsy will do

B.     Members can keep on file as a record of membership

C.     Put certificates on doors for room assignment at Rainbow Lodge at Conference

                              XII.      Spring Conference Packets

A.     Evaluation forms

B.     Schedule

C.     Housekeeping

D.     Community service project

E.      Election information

F.      Misc.

                           XIII.      WSASEA Logo

A.     WSASEA – center location for website

B.     WSASEA – left/justified with horizontal line for any documents/forms

                           XIV.      Spring Conference Website

A.     Add link to outlet mall in North Bend

                             XV.      Next Conference Call

A.     May 4th at 3:30 p.m.