WSASEA Board Member Conference Call

February 25, 2004


In attendance:  Jim DeWilde, Gayle Dohrman, Betsy Shields, Lisa Fortson, Bob Yohnka, Curtis Hagen, Gene Carroll and Eryn Pearson


Meeting began at 10:11 a.m.



               I.      Spring Conference Flyer

a.      Bob suggested that conference registration information be removed from flyer

b.      Gayle will tweak form and send out to Board Members in PDF and Publisher format

c.      Eryn will hand out at West-side SEE Conference on March 2nd at UPS and Gayle will hand out at East-side SEE Conference on March 4th at CWS


             II.      Washington State Student Employment Coordinators

a.      Gayle has accumulated a good list from SEE Conference registration to send out additional Spring Conference Information


            III.      Governor’s Proclamation

a.      Gayle has prepared and is ready to email


         IV.      SEOY (Student Employee of the Year)

a.      WSASEA deadline is April 1st; selection will take place in March

b.      Schools can submit winner to WASEA as well as long as school is member

c.      No restrictions, any student employee can be nominated and selected

                                                               I.      Request to clarify on nomination form besides what is currently stated in letter from WSASEA President

d.      Standardize SEOY form with WASEA’s

e.      Gayle will get SEOY form out to Board Members to critique


           V.      Listserve Topic Suggestions from WSASEA Members for Spring Conference

a.      I-9

b.      PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) at State schools

c.      Private/Religious Campuses

d.      INS/Social Security Changes


         VI.      Revised 2003-04 Spring Conference Schedule 

a.      MONDAY

                                                               I.      1:00-2:00 Registration

                                                             II.      2:00-3:00 Icebreaker, Housekeeping Issues, Board Member Details, Nominations

1.      Icebreaker:  Bob, Curtis and Eryn

a.      Curtis getting ideas from supervisor

b.      Student employment Pictionary

                                                            III.      3:00-4:00 HECB Presentation

1.      Grant Writing, SWS Updates and Dept. of Education Updates

                                                         IV.      4:00-5:15 FERPA – Georgia McRae from SU

                                                           V.      5:15-6:30 Break/Dinner

                                                         VI.      6:30-8:30 Dependable Strengths – Theo Dobie from Columbia Basin Community College

1.      Gayle confirming

b.      TUESDAY

                                                               I.      7:30-8:30 Breakfast

                                                             II.      8:30-9:30 Work-Study Jeopardy

1.      Bob

                                                            III.      9:45-11:00 Funds Management

1.      Jim

                                                         IV.      11:10-12:00 Awarding Work-Study at CWU

1.      Gayle

2.      Other universities to provide information

                                                           V.      12:00-1:00 Lunch and SEOY Presentation

                                                         VI.      1:00-2:15 INS/Social Security Changes Regarding International Students

1.      Eryn to find formal speaker

2.      Eryn will chair open discussion following speaker if time available

3.      Send notice with Conference information to solicit other colleges/universities input

                                                        VII.      2:30-3:45 Buzz Marketing

1.      Bob to confirm Jose for presentation

2.      Betsy will be alternative

                                                      VIII.      4:00-5:15 HECB Presentation

1.      DOP Civil Service Classifications

                                                         IX.      5:30-6:30 Dinner


                                                               I.      7:30-8:30 Breakfast

                                                             II.      8:30-9:30 Breakout Session

1.      PERS – State Colleges/Universities

a.      Gayle

2.      Private/Religious Institutions

                                                            III.      9:30-10:00 Break/Room Clean-up

                                                         IV.      10:00-12:00 Round Table Discussion

1.      Eryn and Betsy will moderate

2.      Topics:  Program Assessment, Job Fairs, SEOY, Employer Training, FICA, State Aid for Theology Students

3.      Overlapping Topics:  INS/International Students

                                                           V.      12:00-1:00 Lunch/Board Meeting


        VII.      Miscellaneous Spring Conference Information

a.      SEOY Savings Bond

                                                               I.      Suggested to increase amount to $100

                                                             II.      Betsy motioned change

                                                            III.      Jim seconded motion

1.      No discussion

2.      All Board Member in favor of adjustment

                                                         IV.      Betsy will create a certificate for bond and application for SEOY to complete

                                                           V.      Bond will be mailed later to student

b.      Conference Resources

                                                               I.      FERPA Video

1.      Gayle

                                                             II.      Why Generation Book

1.      Eryn

                                                            III.      Why Generation Video

1.      Betsy

c.      Tuesday Night Dinner Discussions

                                                               I.      I-9

                                                             II.      Overlapping Topics

                                                            III.      Set-up in green house area of dining room

d.      Conference Letter

                                                               I.      Revise regarding activities or items to bring

1.      Gayle

e.      25th Year Theme

                                                               I.      Gayle will prepare a 25th Year PowerPoint presentation

                                                             II.      Colors:  Silver and Burgundy

                                                            III.      Party Favors and Decorations with 25th Year Theme

1.      Lisa make Hershey kisses favors

f.        Dial-up Access for Internet Presentations

                                                               I.      Gayle will bring calling card

g.      Catchy Titles for Conference Presentations

                                                               I.      Betsy and Lisa

h.      Tentative Calendar of Conference/To-do Checklist

                                                               I.      Eryn will get out to Board Members prior to next conference call

i.        Session Planning Deadline

                                                               I.      March 5th

j.         Community Service Project

                                                               I.      C.O.L.T.

                                                             II.      Need equestrian books, paper, supplies, head stalls or monetary donations

                                                            III.      Gayle will provide information for Conference packets and at Conference


      VIII.      Conference Call

a.      March 11th at 11:00

b.      Jim to set-up


Meeting end at 11:24