Tentative August 2003 Meeting Agenda

1-5 PM, August 22, 2003, at Seattle Pacific University Library


  1. Introduce incoming & outgoing Board members
  2. Housekeeping matters at SPU
  3. General introduction to the Board and responsibilities:
    1. Job Descriptions, Q & A
    2. Usual meetings, when & where, what to expect
    3. Equipment custodianship
  4. Review fiscal records, certify accuracy as required per bylaws
  5. Exchange materials and information:
    1. Archive materials (on CD’s, old notebooks to remain with Gayle at least 2 years)
    2. Camera and contract for Bob
    3. Renew laptop computer contract for Eryn for second year
    4. Fiscal and other records & materials, accounting from previous year
    5. Conference items from 2003
    6. Miscellaneous
  6. WSASEA Web Site issues:
    1. Update date sensitive content – (see pages with corrections)

                                                               i.      Update Executive Board list and contact info

                                                             ii.      Update dues, now $35, not $25

                                                            iii.      Add “Vice-President” position to web site list of officers on “WSASEA Bylaws” page

                                                           iv.      Typos

    1. Web site (preferred formats & methods of transmittal, etc.)
    2. Access & passwords   
    3. Format & design, any changes?
    4. Features, changes?
  1. Town Meeting:
    1. Develop agenda, schedule
    2. Issues we should include / not include
    3. Speakers & activities
    4. Location & time CWU SUB 206/7, October 24, 2003 (Friday). Need to CHANGE DATE.  This is last day of WFAA meeting in Leavenworth, per Betty G.
    5. Refreshments for TM
  2. Student Employee of the Year contest pre-planning issues (TM?)
    1. Nomination form revision
    2. Guide for nomination writer
  3. Spring Conference pre-planning issues
    1. Discuss meeting time and agenda for January conference planning meeting
    2. 25th Anniversary:  theme, ideas, speakers, issues, keynote
  4. Processes needing attention:
    1. Nomination to ballot
    2. Election
    3. Administrator of the Year award
    4. Checklist for transfer of responsibility at year end/beginning
    5. Others?