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Student Employee of the Year Hall of Fame


2015 Francieli Altamirano of Walla Walla University

We chose Francieli based on the beautiful letters we received from the faculty and staff she works with at Walla Walla. Francieli is not only a great worker, she is an uplifting presence in the department. Her commitment to the work and the MSW program goes above and beyond what is expected of a student employee and it sounds like she fully embraces the values of the MSW program.

Francieli was nominated with other great people for this award but we found that her nomination spoke to all of the values we look for. Each nomination submission must speak to the following areas: Reliability, Initiative, Uniqueness of Contribution, Quality of Work, Professionalism and Community and Campus Service.


2014 Spencer Lind of Gonzaga Univeristy


2013 Katie Nickels of Washington State University

Katie was nominated by Kim Kidwell, Executive Associate Dean CAHNRS Academic Programs at WSU. Some highlights from her nomination:

"Katie stepped up to take on the lead academic program role for two interdisciplinaty undergraduate programs and an on0line graduate program in August 2013 on an interim bases, and sha has done an outstanding job in this capacity."

"People love Katie, and Katie loves people. Katie has stellar interpersonal communications skills. She is proactive, approachable, and follows through on her commitments. She is also very funny, social, and engaging."

    2012 Bethany Hascall of Northwest University
    2011 Mr. Jonathan Klapel of Pacific Lutheran University

SE administrator and WSASEA member Mr. Adam Geisler accepted the award on Jonathan's behalf at Rainbow Lodge.

Candace Davis  

2010 Ms. Candace Davis of Walla Walla University

Candace was nominated by Dr. Ken Wiggins and the entire Mathematics department at Walla Walla University. Some highlights from her nomination:

"Candace has many strong points, and it is difficult to single out her strongest. In addition to her caring attitude and her ability to work well with others, she is extremely intelligent. I have given her tasks that most workers could not learn, and she learned them quickly...She is unique in that she is the only secretary on campus who can use the LaTeX system. It takes a good bit of mathematical knowhow to use LaTeX, and Candace is a second-year math major."

"While I was away at a convention, Candace gave two lectures in my precalculus class. She enjoyed the experience, and the students gave positive feedback on her lectures."

"In summary, Candace does many things very well, and the titles 'secretary,' 'office manager,' or 'receptionist' fall far short of encapsulating what she does."

Kate Batten, 2009

2009 Ms. Kate Batten of Western Washington University

Kate was selected as our Student Employee of the Year! Kate worked as a Student Services Assistant. Kate plans to work abroad in Africa after she graduates. Kate was nominated by Caryn Regimbal, Celia Farr, and Georgie Muska of WWU. Kate is a shining example of the service and excellence of today's students. Kate was employed with the Intensive English Program since June 2007 as a Student Services Assistant, and per her supervisor, "We have come to depend on Kate’s unfailing reliability."

Ms. Ravae Rossmaier

2008 Ms. Ravae Rossmaier of Central Washington University

Ravae accepted her award, letter, and savings bond in a heartwarming presentation at Rainbow Lodge on April 30. She gave a short speech and thanked the WSASEA members for selecting her as our winner. Dr. Roy Savoian, Dean of the College of Business at CWU also attended and gave a short speech in which he praised Ravae's excellent work.

“Ravae is a very reliable student with a strong work ethic.  She has proven to a valuable resource to the CB Pre-Major Advising Center.”

Ms. Tobi Goff

Ms. Tobi Goff of Walla Walla College

At Walla Walla College, the Grounds department is a student-run organization. Tobi started as a flowerbed crew member, and was eventually promoted to the position of lead manager, in charge of every aspect of running the department. She made hiring and firing decisions and approving time sheets of student workers, managed an operating budget of $280,000. per year, and was responsible for planning landscaping and campus improvement projects. Tobi's major was Business and she consistently was on the Dean's list for her high GPA. She also extensively volunteers and helps other women start businesses. Per her supervisor Jerry Mason, Tobi is an "unbelievable student worker" and he says, "Every time she walks out of my office, I sit there in amazement....She has set a high standard for others to follow."

Ms. Robbi Tormey

2006 Ms. Robbi Tormey of Central Washington University

Robbi was nominated by the Continuing Education staff. Some of the comments regarding Robbi’s outstanding qualities include:

“Robbi is a self-starter who can be relied upon to always be ready to start work on time and to work with little to no supervision.” ~Cindy Hunt
“… few have embraced their work with the commitment and follow-through that Robbi has displayed for each of the four years she has worked for this office.” ~Kevin Nemeth
“She has a great sense of humor and deep compassion for fellow workers and students.  Robbi has great people skills and has managed to work well with all levels of workers in our office.” ~Mollie Edson
“She is a quick learner who relishes in learning new and challenging tasks.” ~Darlene Sirrine
“Robbi is a visionary.  She is creative, innovative and believes in what she is doing.”~ Julie Patterson

Lindsey Simon, 2005

2005 Ms. Lindsey Simon of Walla Walla College

Lindsey was nominated by biology professor David Lindsey where Lindsey worked as an Academic Lab Assistant. Professor Lindsey said, "I have had a number of very good students in my seven years at WWC, but Lindsey is special. Lindsey is the catalyst for the highest level of activity, energy, and enthusiasm I have seen in my lab at WWC. This promotes interest in undergraduate research and professional activities....Lindsey is a breath of fresh air, motivating and encouraging other students while rejuvenating my spirit and desire to continue."


2004 Mr. Guadalupe Contreras of Columbia Basin College

Supervisor Frank Salinas in the GEAR UP department praises Lupe highly, saying, "Lupe has been with our program for about three years. During that time he has proven himself to be a very valuable resource. He works the hours we expect from him, performs excellent in his tasking and can be counted on to deliver a timely, quality product."



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